Great Dentist in Baton Rouge and Mandeville Louisiana

Grand Family DentistryIf you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, contact Dr. Grand, your dentist Baton Rouge to enhance your smile. There are many dental procedures that can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Simple procedures can improve your confidence and self-esteem. It is important to feel good about yourself.

With modern techniques and technology in dentistry, correction and cosmetic procedures are more advanced than ever before. One common practice is whitening teeth. A safe and commonly used whitening agent is used to bleach the external tooth. This technique can give a boost to your smile. Dental implants are a relatively new procedure to replace lost teeth. A dental implant acts and appears as a regular tooth. These are the ideal choice to replace missing teeth. Dentists no longer use ugly metals for fillings. New plastics and porcelain materials are now preferred. These filling materials provide a more natural appearance for your teeth.

Another procedure that is becoming more popular is bonding. This is a process where the dentist bonds porcelains and composite resins directly to the tooth. This procedure works well for teeth that are broken or chipped.

Dr Grand is also considered one of the leading dentist Mandeville La. He has an outstanding practice that really helps people fix their dental health problems.

Your dentist in Baton Rouge will evaluate your particular needs and provide the services to give you a beautiful smile. Hopefully this article will help you pick a great dentist in Baton Rouge and Mandeville.